Friday, February 15, 2013

* Dating Mr. Darcy

Any girl who has seen Pride and Prejudice or read the Jane Austen novel knows that the much misunderstood Mr. Darcy is the ideal gentleman. But is it possible to find your own Mr. Darcy in today's world of geeks and goons? With smart tips, spiritual insights, and discussions

Dating Mr. Darcy

This Pop-Culture Princess Packs A Punch!
"Smart girls still believe in love."
"Sarah": from the Hebrew= "Princess"

Dating Mr. Darcy is a lively mix of literature and love. It is easy to see why the words "best-selling author" preface Sarah Arthur's name. Her passion for romance, literature and youth combines in a way that gives Dating Mr. Darcy a heartbeat of its very own. Although she strongly advises the reader to become familiar with Pride and Prejudice before reading Dating Mr. Darcy, Sarah Arthur's fresh look at Austen's nearly 200 year old romance easily stands on its own. Sarah shares insight, tools and tips that challenge the reader to discover her own unfolding romantic adventure.

Dating adventures, impacted by today's pop and media culture, too often end in tragedy. Dating Mr. Darcy 's engaging voice asks the reader to take off the "rose colored glasses" of current cultural "norm" with questions, quizzes and a style that seems to speak out loud. Fanning the flames of sensibility...

Dating Mr. Darcy is one of best selling in Dating category.

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